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January 2019

  • Mattioni, Ltd. Celebrates 55 Years in Business
  • Mattioni Welcomes Associate James Brooks


January 2018

  • Foreign Supplier Verification Program Under the Food Safety Modernization Act
  • Incomplete Thank You
  • Death Taxes in 2018 and Beyond

April 2018

  • Texting and Driving: The Dangers and Legal Ramifications

July 2018

  • New Jersey Enacts Law Requiring Employers to Provide Paid Sick Leave
  • Workplace Harassment – It Can Happen to Anyone. What Should Employers Do?

October 2018

  • Harassment in the Workplace


January 2017

  • Death and Social Media: What Happens to Your Accounts When You’re Gone?
  • Service Animals vs. Assistance Animals: What Landlords and Business Owners Need to Know
  • Right of Redemption in Tax Sales in Philadelphia

April 2017

  • As of 2018, New Jersey May No Longer Be One of the Worst Places to Die
  • Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Law Update
  • Common Mistakes with Confession of Judgment Clauses in Commercial Leases

July 2017

  • Philadelphia Landlords Could Face Additional Lead Paint Requirements
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit Available for Hiring Certain Workers
  • City of Philadelphia Seeks to Forbid Employers from Asking About Wage History

November 2017

  • Dog Owner and Landlord Liability for Dog Bites
  • Concussions:  Not Just the NFL’s Headache
  • Baby Boomers:  Who Will Care for You When You can No Longer Care for Yourself?


March 2016

  • Philadelphia’s New Fair Criminal Record Screening Standards Act
  • The Redskins, The Slants, and Trademark Law
  • New Year’s Resolutoin:  Get A Will

June 2016

  • Permissible Investigation in the Hiring Process:  Use of Background Checks, Consumer Reports, Criminal History and Social Media
  • Don’t Text and Drive, but Don’t Text a Driver, Either
  • Gender Identity Workplace Discrimination

September 2016

  • Update on OSHA Penalties
  • The G.O.A.T. or Just a Goat?
  • Airbnb:  Some Legal Concerns


February 2015

  • Penn State and Sandusky, An Update
  • Penn State, Sandusky and the NCAA; Final Resolution
  • The Implied Warranty of Habitability and New Construction

May 2015

  • Non-Profit Law Update
  • Recent Changes to Pennsylvania’s Power of Attorney Law

August 2015

  • Pennsylvania Court Limits Remedies for Data Security Breaches
  • iPad Communications Nor Private, Not Protected Under PA Wiretap Act
  • Philadelphia’s New Sick Leave Act

December 2015

  • Airbnb is Now Legal in Philadelphia
  • City Council-members Want To Make Philadelphia Greener, One Rooftop at a Time
  • The Pennsylvania Fairness Act:  Extending Protection from Discrimination


January 2014

  • Possible Property Tax Relief
  • Self-Storage Facility Auctions – What You Should Know
  • Septa Ads – Anti-Trust or Good Business

May 2014

  • Ports of Philadelphia Maritime Society Names Eugene Mattioni “Person of the Year”
  • Commonwealth Court Questions Whether the NCAA Has the Right to Sanction Penn State for Its Involvement in the Sandusky Scandal
  • The Revised Registered Community Organization Process
  • Real Estate Ownership in Pennsylvania and Protection from Creditors

August 2014

  • Anti-SLAPP Bill
  • Frowning Yourself to Unemployment
  • National Security and the Constitution According to the Courts

November 2014

  • Eugene Mattioni Appointed to Navigation Commission by Mayor Michael Nutter
  • Mattioni, Ltd. Sponsor and Host at Maritime Law Association Fall Meeting
  • Background Checks and Gun Control; Possible New Legislation
  • Pennsylvania’s Recent changes to the Mechanics’ Lien Law