Transportation and Warehousing

Transportation and Warehousing

Mattioni, Ltd. represents clients in the interrelated areas of warehousing, inland transportation, and logistics.  Our  practice of transportation and warehousing law includes  knowledge of the complex  interplay between federal, state, and international laws, the Uniform Commercial Code, and the Perishable Agricultural Commodity Act.

Recovery assistance is provided to our clients where goods  have been damaged or lost during transportation or warehousing, including as a result of accidents, theft, contamination, fire, refrigeration failures, and other improper care. Mattioni, Ltd.’s representation of its clients has included significant recoveries of total losses resulting from warehouse fires as well as losses resulting from temperature abuse during inland trucking and warehouse storage.

Transportation of perishable agricultural commodities, food, and refrigerated transportation and storage compromise a significant portion of our practice. Mr. Galati serves on the Board of Directors of the International Refrigerated Transportation Association (“IRTA”), a component member of the Global Cold Chain Alliance, and was formerly Chairman of  IRTA. He has lectured and written on issues regarding  refrigerated transportation and storage, including the recent implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (“FSMA”) and its impact on the transportation chain.

Mattioni, Ltd. also drafts contracts and provides other  document  review services for  its transportation and warehouse clients, including preparation and review of indemnity agreements, warehouse receipts, contracts of carriage, logistics agreements, etc.  When necessary, it litigates contractual disputes on behalf of its clients, including disputes involving shippers, carriers, and transportation intermediaries.

Clients are also provided counseling on risk management issues in order to limit exposure to potential claims and losses.

Some of the matters for which Mattioni, Ltd. has assisted our clients include:

  • Recovery for perishable agricultural commodities damaged in transit and storage;
  • Recovery for goods destroyed in refrigerated warehouse fire;
  • Recovery for goods missing from warehouse;
  • Recovery for client’s whose goods were diverted during transport;
  • Preparation of logistics agreements;
  • Successful defense of shipper for carrier’s freight charges where the intermediary broker became insolvent;
  • Successful defense of drayage company from claim for frozen cargo;
  • Successful limitation of liability of broker in claim for damage to cargo in international commerce; and
  • Analysis and advice regarding insurance coverage issues.